Beer styles


Brewing beer in Belgium is a noble tradition.

There is no doubt that Belgium is the country of beer. With its widely varying landscape Belgium offers a unique range of beers having the most contrasting tastes and flavours. Nowhere else in the world you can find a larger choice of regional, authentic and colourful beers.

Only in Belgium beer is brewed according to four different fermentation processes :

  • bottom fermentation (Pilsner beers or lager) : a world-wide used method;
  • top fermentation (Belgian special beers, white beers, abbaye and Trappist beers, strong blond, regional beers – some of them are already imitated in other countries);
  • spontaneous fermentation (gueuze, lambic and other fruit beers);
  • combined fermentation (brown-acid beers South Flemish beers).

Beer has always been deeply rooted in our culture and tradition and is more than just a drink. One has thirst-quenching beers and special beers, with a second fermentation in the bottle or not, light and strong beers, blond, amber-coloured, reddish and brown beers, fruity, bitter and acid beers; in other words beers for everyone and for all occasions.

Belgian brewers are pleased to state that more and more beerlovers abroad discover and appreciate the diversity of the Belgian beers.

The art of serving a good glass of beer is part of the Belgian beer culture : each beer has its proper glass and is served according to the rules of the art. The brewer sees to it that the beer is filled in its appropriate bottle and provides the consumer on the back label with all the necessary information regarding to the conservation and the pouring out of the beer in question.

It is in a Belgian pub that you can notice the importance of the Belgian beers for its community : drinking a glass of beer improves social contacts and stands for human friendliness.


Beer types brewed in Belgium
Fermentation methods

English style

Top fermentation

  • Pils
  • Premium Pils
  • Light
  • L.A. & N.A.
  • Bottom fermentation
  • Bottom fermentation
  • Bottom fermentation
  • Bottom / Top fermentation
Belgian specialities


Top fermentation


Top fermentation


Spontaneous and/or top fermentation


Spontaneous fermentation

Red-Brown (acid)

Mixte fermentation


Top fermentation

Strong blond

Top fermentation


Bottom / Top fermentation


Top fermentation


Top fermentation



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